aeriesAeries has received a new update for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is 1.2.7. the latest update brings lots of new features and improvements.

Aeries Changelog:

– Trends section no longer hides last trend behind app bar.
– Big perf and battery improvements.
– Fixed a few rare crashes with tweet gesture actions.
– Fix for hide app bar not correctly hiding.
– Fix for status bar not being visible when system theme is light and local theme is dark.
– Memory footprint reduced by upto 60%.
– Fixed a bug where filtered tweets can be re inserted in the wrong order when the filter has expired.
– Viewing who retweets a status will now fetch the latest info for it.
– Design changes for pinned searches and lists when Icon headers are being used.
– Option to apply tint color to inline buttons.
– Last viewed trend will now save for each account.
– Improvements to pinned secondary tiles.
– Navigation fixes. Prompts to save drafts and apply settings now show before navigating backwards and back button fixes for exiting imageviewer.
– Fixes for viewing who has retweetd your tweet.
– Instapaper support.
– Additional font size options.
– Options to set your style of Tweet quotation.
– Fixed a race condition which in rare cases could lock a user out of the app until they reinstall.
– Improvements to user file management.
– Fixed an issue opening imageviewer from tweet details page.

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