Aeries for Twitter has received a new updates for Windows phone Devices. Aeries has been designed to make using Twitter easier than ever, all packaged together in a slickly designed app. The latest update brings Wide tile now flips to show you the tweet text, Tweets you have retweeted have colored inline icon and more.

Here is the changelog for Aeries 6.0.5:

– Fixed text color in edit me page when using dark themes.
– Improved mentions and retweet timeline loading.
– Fixed functionality of detail tweet buttons.
– Tapping Create New when viewing drafts will now take you to create a new tweet.
– Fixed an issue with user tweet pages loading wrong content as you scrolled down.
– Fixed messaging at end of followers and following lists.
– Wide tile now flips to show you the tweet text.
– Fixed a crash when opening a pinned list and tapping an inline link.
– Fixed an issue with lists not saving when navigating away.
– Tweets you have retweeted have colored inline icon.
– Fixed an issue with retweets and favorite statuses being lost when app closes.
– Greatly improved translations.
– Improved URL shortening in compose page.
– Hold a DM to delete.
– Send DMs to users you haven’t messaged before.
– Fixes for accounts and settings being lost + some perf improvements when configuring.
– Sections should be much easier to configure now.
– Some nice new animations about the place.
– Added Slovak and Russian translations.

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