FhotoroomTime for some new updates!!!!!!!

Aeries for Twitter has received a new updates for windows Phone Devices. The new version is 1.2.6. The update brings lot of bug fixes and improvements.

Aeries Changelog:

– Fix for potential crash when getting suggestions for DMs.
– Fix for potential crash when applying filters.
– Performance improvements.
– Major behind the scene changes for future preperation.
– Option to disable automatic translations.
– View in FavStar now obides to browser preference.
– Tweets mentioning you will now be slightly tinted to help you identify them.
_ Lot’s of big performance improvements.
– Fix for tapping a suggestion in compose window replacing all text.
– Pressing back button now exits the image viewer.
– Fix for automatic translations not being removed when viewing a new tweet’s details.
– Settings controls will now stick to the selected tint.
– Add trends as a main section.
– New and updated icons.
– ImageViewer “peek”: when moving an image background will now become visible so you can “peek” at the tweets behind.
– Message section now displays message you have sent too.

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Fhotoroom also updated with version for Windows Phone Devices. The update brings  6 New Border Colors, Bug Fixes and Improvements.

Fhotoroom Changelog:

– Add 6 New Border Colors.
– Bug Fixes and Improvements.

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