AdDuplex has released its Windows Phone / Windows 10 devices report for October 2016. For your information AdDuplex gathers, analyses and releases Windows Phone and Windows devices market share report every month.


Lumia 535 still the most used Windows Phone ever with 13.3% share. adduplex-windows-device-statistics-report-october-2016-4-638

Lumia 550 is the most used Windows 10 Mobile smartphone at 13.5% closely followed by Lumia 535 at second spot.


Windows 10 Mobile sees no growth, is lingering around 14% mark.adduplex-windows-device-statistics-report-october-2016-6-638

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update runs on 84.9% of Widows 10 Mobile devices. Fast Ring Insiders account for 5.6% of Windows 10 Mobile population.adduplex-windows-device-statistics-report-october-2016-7-638

HP is the top dog when it comes to PC manufacturers followed by Lenovo and Dell at second position.adduplex-windows-device-statistics-report-october-2016-8-638

76.6% of Windows 10 PCs now run Anniversary update.