Though we have earlier shared a Symbian /S60V5 application called Dukto, which allows you to send files and folders between any two devices over the WiFi connection, (PC to PC, PC to your Symbian and S60V5 device or between your Symbian and S60V5 devices), only requirement being all your devices should be connected to same WiFi network. And trust me it is really very fast.

Download link

Now Nokia N8 Blog has come up with a tutorial on, “how to Setting Up A Personal HTTP File Server For Nokia N8“. Using this file server, you can access files over WiFi on your Nokia N8 or any other WiFi enabled device.

  • You can share a specific drive on your PC (host) and this server generates a directory listing for the same.
  • The directory listing page will be accessed via the web-browser on the URL (http://<yourIPonhomenetwork>:<port>/).
  • Each folder/file appears as a link that you can click and navigate.
  • There are no file size restrictions.

For more on how to actually do it, check the tutorial link and video.