In a recent video uploaded by Nokia, Camera guru Damian Dinning has explained the technology and hard work behind 41 MP monster camera that 808 pureview will proudly use to blow away the competition. Some highlights from the interview,

  • Sensor is huge 1/1.2 , nearly 5 times in size of usual standard  sensor used for 8 MP  smartphone cameras.
  • It has been developed by Nokia only, as this size sensor is not available in the market.
  • 5 years in development.
  • With a single core processor pureview uses a GPU and a dedicated image processor, which is itself a breakthrough, as before this dual-core was considered to be mandatory for 1080 P.
  • Lossless slide zoom is second biggest aspect of pureview tech and is incomparable. Damian explains how other smartphone cams change aperture while zooming thus reducing the quality.With pureview the zoom levels are lossless even in HD recording.
  • Nokia has used pixel oversampling technology to reduce file size to 5 and 8 MP levels while keeping sharpness and details very high because of condensing 7 pixels into 1 big pixel of final image.

Camera UI screenshot 


The video of Damian Dinning explaining the 808 pureview tech: