If you go to the official online Nokia shop for India “http://nokia.indiatimes.com/” and then look for 808 pureview it is listed as “coming soon”. Now if you go to view source after right clicking on internet explorer and check for the price word in the code you will come to the price being revealed as 29999 INR or about EUR 460 which is close to officially global price stated by Nokia earlier.

We have used the idea from the Source Androsym.com for this.

Now this pricing is really sweet for 41MP monster and it will be sold at least few thousands less on other private online stores.

But if you look for the price of Lumia 610 in the same way, it can shock you. It is mentioned as 19999 INR which is way too high, even if you compare it to Lumia 710’s price which is about 15499 INR on the page and in the code also.