Time for some new updates!!!

1Shot camera app has received a new update for Windows Phone Devices. The new version is The update brings localisation in farsi and fixed exposure slider.

1Shot camera Changelog:

* fixed exposure slider not being visible
* made english default language, other languages selectable
* added localisation in farsi

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City Art Search app also updated with version for Windows Phone Devices. The update brings bug fixes, new features and performance improvements.

City Art Search Changelog:

Live Tile template changed to Flip Tile that shows you artwork information on the reverse side.  Both Lock Screen and Live Tile can cycle through a no-limit list of Favorite Artworks, or Random Artwork at a frequency specified in Settings e.g. every 30 minutes or daily.  Favorites are saved to the cloud.  We still need to roll out an update for this to sync with the Windows 8.1 Store app. We’ll get to this soon.  Tweaked the UX.  Some minor bug fixes, data refinement, and the addition of more artwork to the database.

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