Lumia WP8 Family

This will sound like sweet music to Nokia’s ears. The YouGov survey has shown that 45 per cent of Nokia’s existing customers would now recommend the brand, up 18 per cent compared to the turn of the year. In the same period the share of people who would not recommend a Nokia handset fell from 37 per cent to 33 per cent.

Somewhat surprisingly the results indicate that 40% of people covered in the survey were using a Lumia, up from just one per cent in December 2011. That really indicates strong growth of Lumia device numbers in UK !! Even the “YouGov” thinks Lumia is the key behind this turnaround of consumer opinion.

YouGov associate director Russell Feldman said: “Nokia has finally turned a corner. By increasing the number of Lumias in its base it has given their customers something worth coming back to. It is now seen by its consumers as a quality smartphone brand.

“While they are still a fair distance behind Apple and Samsung in terms of market share and loyalty, the fact they have changed consumer perception among their customers puts them in a solid position as the smartphone war intensifies.”

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