Windows 10 Mobile file systemThe hackers and modders community over XDA has found Windows 10 Mobile quite interesting, it seems. After making it possible to run Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile and interop unlocking the OS, modders have now found a way to access full Windows 10 Mobile File system. Read below to see how the mod works.

Windows 10 Mobile File system access tutorial:

This guide uses the built-in SSH server on the phone that gets activated once you enable Device Discovery to give us TRUE full file system access. MTP doesn’t truly give full file system access as there are files and folders that aren’t accessible still.

Tools needed

  • Astoria Tools/WConnect (Because of the method that it uses.. Makes things easier)
  • @djamol‘s Root Tool , or even the OEMSetting.reg tweak that @WojtasXda came up with
  • PuttyGen
  • Pagent
  • Some SFTP program (Swish Easy SFTP works the BEST, WinSCP works second best, but for some reason it can’t read the root C: drive from SFTP).
  • If you’re using @djamol‘s Root Tool, use @vcfan‘s Lumia Registry Editor for this
  • The following keys should be set to the following string values under the Path of \System\Currentcontrolset\control\ssh\sirepuserRepresented in this guide as key => valuestfp-home-dir => C:\
    default-home-dir => C:\
    sftp-mkdir-rex => .*
    sftp-open-dir-rex => .*
    sftp-read-file-rex => .*
    sftp-remove-file-rex => .*
    sftp-rmdir-rex => .*
    sftp-stat-rex => .*
    sftp-write-file-rex => .*
  • After you’ve verified that at least one of these keys have been set, exit the app
  • Go to the phone settings app and put your Windows 10 Mobile phone in Developer Mode, activate Device Discovery then turn on Pair mode
  • Pair to your phone using WConnect, either from usb connect mode (“wconnect usb“) or IP (wconnect youripaddress) using the pin on your device
  • When this is complete, go to %USERPROFILE%\appdata\local\Microsoft\WConnectSrv. In this directory, you should see a privkey.pem file. Hold on to this
  • Open up PuttyGen, click on the Conversions menu and then click Import key. Point to the path that contains the privkey.pem file, then press Okay
  • Back in PuttyGen, click on the Save private key button and then save the .ppk file off somewhere that you’ll remember.
  • Open Pagent, click Add key and point to the .ppk file you generated before. You’ll want to make sure this is ALWAYS running.

If using Swish

  • Go to Windows Explorer, dbl-click on the Swish icon under Devices and Drives. Click on Add SFTP Connection at the top
  • Enter in a label that you wish to save the connection present as .
  • Under host your phone’s IP as Host.
  • Enter in Sirepuser as the User.
  • Enter / as the Path.
  • Press Create
  • Go back to the Swish folder then click on the connection that you just created (YOU MUST HAVE PAGENT RUNNING FOR THIS TO WORK).

If using WinSCP:

  • Open WinSCP. Underneath of the Password box, click on Advanced.
    • Click on the SFTP menu item and set the Preferred SFTP protocol version to 2
    • Click on the SSH -> Authentication menu item. Click Allow agent forwarding, click on the ellipsis next to Private key file and choose the .ppk file you saved from PuttyGen
  • Press Ok to save the settings
  • Back on the WinSCP main screen, enter in your phone’s Wi-Fi IP into host name and for the User name, type in Sirepuser. Press save and then save this session as a “Site” in WinSCP
  • Login. You’ll receive an error initially about not being able to browse /C/ and blah blah. You can right-click and click on Goto Folder. /C/Data will be a nice folder to start at since that’s where most of the goodies are.

Voila, you should know be able to have full file system access.

Now there are a FEW caveats to this..

  • If you’re looking to modify/download any of the important files in the AOW folder, you won’t be able to. For SOME REASON, it’s returning “No such file or directory” if you try to download/modify some certain files. It will also return this if you try to do the same for the registry hives.
  • If you happen to remove all paired pins on your phone, you must add pin from the phone and use the pin as the password to your SFTP session

I’m tired of my SFTP access cutting out because the WiFi disappears when the screen goes to lock >_<. What do I do?!?!!?

Using the same Lumia Registry Editor from Djamol’s Root Tool, Head to the \system\currentcontrolset\services\keepwifionsvc Path and set the following DWORD value

Start => 2

For some reason the service that keeps wifi running even while the screen is under lock is disabled on 10512. This enables it. Reboot and you’ll have WiFi working under lock screen on 10512.

Now, it is not clear yet what real benefit this can provide other than in case when one may able to modify file system to enable some new features or add some external apps. But in case you want to try it do it at your own risk.

Thanks Dame & Shami for the tips. Cheers!!