WP8.1Adduplex‘s report for month of September shows Windows Phone 8.1 now running on 39% of devices. It has gained 14.7% of user-base share in month of September coinciding with the Lumia Cyan worldwide release. It shows why in terms of update availability and reach Windows Phone is much better than Android.

Anyways, coming to how devices fared in the month of September; Lumia 630 and Lumia 635 kept making gains and combined they are the 2nd most sold Lumia ever after Lumia 520. Lumia 520 also has shown some movement after a hiatus in last months and is now at 30.6%. It is also amusing to see Lumia 521 as the 5th most sold device worldwide.

Lumia 630In fact, Lumia 521 has become the top Windows Phone device in US market by attaining 28.9% market share. Lumia 630 has also made good gains in the US market.Lumia 521 sepSource: Adduplex