Xbox MusicQuick heads-up!! Native WP8.1 Music app has been updates and the latest version 2.6.414.0 fixes for lots of common and major user complaints with the app. These fixes include resolution for unexpected app exits, Album art issues, sync failures, album playback issues and inconsistent sorting of songs.

Full Changelog:

This release (2.6.414.0) addresses a number of customer issues including:

  • Thirteen of our top unexpected app exits (e.g. playback during sync, changing filter with selected songs)
  • Album and artist art issues:
    • Some local tracks not showing album art in Now Playing
    • Album art flashing while shuffling large collections
    • Background artist art flashing
    • Inconsistent display of album art when offline
    • Local or sideloaded albums not showing album art in Recent Plays
  • Content sync interruptions causing all future syncs to fail
  • Deleted songs don’t always get removed from your collection
  • Unable to playback albums in certain circumstances
  • Inconsistent sorting of songs that start with an article (e.g. “A”)

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