In case you are facing difficulty in pre-ordering Lumia 920 at, here are the pre-order links for Black, Cyan, Yellow and Red AT&T Lumia 920.

Pre-order link Red

Pre-order Link Cyan

Pre-order Link Yellow

Pre-order Link Black

Lumia 920 has disappeared from the listing, after all five colors went on pre-order yesterday for an amazing price of $ 149.99 on a 2-year AT&T contract. Looks like Bestbuy jumped guns and listed it before schedule or may be it is a temporary technical glitch. We, think it may be later as the pre-order link posted by us tomorrow is still working 🙂 and you can still go ahead and book your Lumia 920, if you wish so. You can also book the Cyan Lumia 920 as well by following the Cyan pre-order link.