Latest update for Withings or soon to be Nokia Steel HR has brought a cool and smart feature with itself. Trademarked as Smart Wake-Up feature, it allows one to wake up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle. What this eventually means is that you will wake up at the perfect moment and not sleep-deprived.

For using smart wake-up feature you set a window of time for waking up rather than a fixed time. Your Steel HR wakes you up within your specified window of time, when you are in lightest stage of sleep.

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How to enable Smart Wake-up:

Here are steps to enable Smart Wake-up feature on your Steel HR.

  1. One your smartphone go to my devices and select Steel HR
  2. Now click on “Set my alarm”
  3. Set your alarm time
  4. Drag the Smart Wake-Up™ bubble to define a window of time before your alarm
  5. Steel HR will wake you up at the optimal moment within that window

Here is neat GIF showing Smart Wake-up in action.

Source: Withings Blog