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Windows 10 Mobile Build 14951 Hands-on: Review, Unmentioned changes, Issues & Installation experience

Microsoft last pushed Windows 10 Mobile Build 14951, the latest Redstone 2 Build to devices of Windows Insiders in Fast ring. Read the full official changelog by clicking here. In case you haven’t been able to install Build 14951 yet, refer to our working fix to install Build 14951 on your devices.. We were also able to find some unmentioned changes & upcoming features in Build 14946. Read them here.

Now we share our Impressions of the build including performance, multitasking, gaming, navigation demo, bugs & Installation experience. We have also demoed the unmentioned changes.

Build 14951 Installation Experience:

The Installation experience for Build 14951 has not been less than disastrous and many Insiders have been stuck at 0% Download for days. Though there is (are) workarounds now. Microsoft perhaps could have avoided pushing a build out when there were chances of such kind of issue cropping up. Though once you use the workaround and get build downloading successfully it becomes smoother. It took around 40 to 45 minutes for the build to get downloaded, installed, data migrated and the devices getting up and running.

You can refer to our common issues and errors fixing guide for more. You will be usually notified for a restart when the download has completed in background. You can check our tutorial on how to prepare for upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

Build 14951 Hands-on Impressions (Performance, Multitasking, Gaming, Battery Life & more):

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14951 seems to be a slightly better that Build 14946 in terms of overall experience.

  • We didn’t need hard reset after installing this build unlike the last build. In case you are facing lots of issues after installation of Build 14951 you can do a hard reset. You can refer to our Backup and reset tutorial if you need to do a hard reset.
  • Build 14951 impresses with its performance and responsiveness yet again. Check our hands-on demo.
  • There is one visible issue in App List scrolling and while scrolling through the apps you would feel something is broken.
  • Build 14951 was found to be fluid during normal daily smartphone tasks like start-screen navigation, apps list scrolling, opening and closing of settings, handling calls, texts and more.
  • We didn’t face random reboots on Build 14951
  • Coming to other routine and important stuff, Mobile Data and WiFi connections work fine on our devices
  • Mail app has been running much better than on Build 14946. System-wide sharing seems broken again.
  • Microsoft Edge has been working much better on Build 14951
  • Gaming works fine and multitasking with even two games open in background is rock solid
  • Video Playback and streaming works fine
  • Multitasking for apps works impressively and apps resume really fast from background. Apps don’t crash in background while multitasking
  • Battery Life degradation is noticeable in the Build 14951

Major Bug & Issues:

  • Bluetooth functionality needs a UI overhaul with control options like allowing “which devices to connect automatically” or “manually”. There should be option to manually search for Bluetooth devices
  • App List scrolling needs a fix. It is a visible bug.
  • System-wide Sharing is broken
  • Battery Life has seen degradation
  • Other minor bugs and issues here and there

In a Nutshell:

We are running Build 14951 as a daily driver and it offers better experience than the Build 14946. If you are on Build 14946 we recommend going for it. If you have stomach for bugs / issues but stronger love for new features upgrade to it or else move to Slow / Release Preview Ring. Future builds may bring even more bugs.

We also want to make it clear that it is our hands-on experience with the build and your experience may vary and may be better or worse than ours. We recommend hard reset, if you are facing lots of issues. You can read our guide to fix commonly known Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, installation and usability issues.

Read our Full Redstone 2 Coverage here:

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  • TDH69

    I’ve been able to use the work around on 10 different devices. Every device that was updated from 14946 to 14951 results in Cortana being broken. Only option to fix Cortana is hard reset. Complete debacle…

    14946 was a horrible build, unstable, crash prone, random reboots…

    14951 from reset is much better.

    Dona Sarkar’s tenure as ring master is very much summarized with the horrible RS2 experiences lately, it’s time for change in that role before the program loses all functional community feedback and testing.

    • Kamal

      Cortana works fine on our device though we did a hard reset on Build 14946. anyways, Fast Ring builds can be nasty when loaded with new code. But then there is always hope to see something new that drives insiders.

      • TDH69

        14951 seems to run well, but has some major problems too. There is still a bug with MSA logins for certain apps. Doing a reset and restore on 14951 results in Fast Ring Update checking error state, Feedback Hub unable to login.

        The Insider Program is a community feedback program, all rings should have a baseline OS and essential app functionality. How is it a useful program if the feedback mechanism is broken or the device is so unusable that it is no longer used?

        It is pointless to release these builds to Insiders when they are so broken. Internal lab scenarios and invite request rings should be used to figure out why devices are not booting or constantly rebooting.

        By the time builds get pushed to fast ring they should be vetted and functional enough for real world scenarios. Maybe some things aren’t fully optimized and there are some new feature glitches but the OS should be stable, should not randomly reboot 20 times a day, etc. The feedback mechanism should always work. It should be functional enough to do common things, without constantly needing to be reset every build. Certainly the update from build to build should not be broken.

        Dona Sarkar has not established a consistent and reliable standard. Even if her role is more for appearances, there is responsibility for being involved in the release approval process.

        Appoint a more fully dedicated buck stops here or build stops here individual with enough responsibility to bridge the gap from internal to community rings with useful build quality for Insiders.

  • Terry Ges

    How to fix battery life problems associated with update .351 ???? Have already done ‘hard reset’ :/