Windows 10 Mobile Build 14951 is here for Insiders in Fast Ring and it doesn’t bring any significant changes and new features as per the official chnagelog. Read the full official changelog by clicking here. In case you haven’t been able to install Build 14951 yet, refer to our working fix to install Build 14951 on your devices.

But there are some unmentioned changes which are not part of the official changelog, but we were able to notice them. Check the screenshots above and read the unmentioned changes in detail below.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14951 Unmentioned changes:

  • Now there is an option to toggle on or off all the background apps. So, you can allow or disallow all the apps to run in the background in one go. Settings–>Privacy–>Background Apps
  • The Data Usage has three new options. The good old Windows Phone 8.1 settings of “use cellular instead of Wi-Fi” makes a comeback. Restrict background data and Restrict background data while roaming settings which were available on WP8.1 are back too. Settings–>Network & Wireless–>Data Usage
  • If you go to Storage, you will notice that you don’t need to go to another page to set where to save Offline Maps data. You can now use drop-down in the storage settings to set Device or SD Card as storage for offline Maps.