In what seems like first real signs of Nokia and Windows Phone OS becoming stronger in Europe, Kantar WorldPanel’s research suggests that Windows Phone 8 looks set to overtake RIM to become the third most popular operating system for mobile phones in Europe. Great news for Nokia is that its low-end device Lumia 610 is credited to be one of the major growth drivers for this.

According to the research from Kantar, Windows Phone has a share of 5.0% across Europe for the 12 weeks to 2 September, an increase of 31.6% on 2011. During the same period, RIM’s share has collapsed from 12.2% to 6.4%.

The research further suggest that Lower end devices like Lumia 610 are driving sales of the platform as consumers seek value, resulting in percentage point growth rates of 6.6 in Italy, 3.5 in France and 2.3 in Great Britain. In Italy, Windows now holds a double-digit market share, 10.4%, a first in the European market.’

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