Two hot tips for those on Windows Phone 8.1 already. Windows Phone 8.1 comes with huge number of improvements over Windows Phone 8 and the improvements run deeper than one can imagine. Here is one example.

calendarWhenever, the phone running Windows Phone 8.1 finds a future date in your SMS, Text and Mail, it underlines the same. Now by just tapping on it you can create a calendar entry as shown below. See, how from the mail itself I could save the date of 1st may as a calendar entry.

Powe saveSome of you are complaining about Battery life issues with Windows Phone 8.1. So, some of the blame goes to increased interaction with the phone post Windows Phone 8.1 update and especially with Cortana. But there are some tips, which can still help in getting more juice out of the battery.

  • You can put the location off when not needed, though for Cortana to work it should be on.
  • Background tasks enhancement with Windows Phone 8.1 has made more tasks running in Background possible. This is also a big Battery killer. So, you can manage which tasks to be run in background by going to Settings—>Battery Saver—->usage or check the video demo and tutorial here.
  • You can set Cortana and other apps to “not running in background” when “Battery Saver” kicks in. Windows Phone 8.1 comes with ability to allow apps to run in background ( always allowed) even when the “Battery Saver” is on. Go to Settings—>Battery Saver—->usage or check the video demo and tutorial here.
  • Go to Notification + actions in settings. Here you can control for which apps you need notifications and you can also manage sounds for push notifications. You can also set whether you want to play sound for Key press, camera shutter and System alerts. Check the video demo and tutorial here

These tips should help in prolonging battery life on your Windows Phone 8.1 running device. In case you are still facing issues, try a reset. But, above four tips should help in any case.

You can read more about Windows Phone 8.1, hands-on demo videos and settings tutorials by going to our Windows Phone 8.1 page. We will add more to this page, as Windows Phone 8.1 has so many changes.