WP8.1 tipsTime for miscellaneous Windows Phone 8.1 tips about Notification center, Manual apps updates, Browser & Keyboard!!

Windows Phone 8.1 brings ability to check apps updates manually and even allows auto-update of apps if enabled. Check the video for how to do it.

Notification Center can even be accessed when your phone is locked, but what if you want to disable it. You can do it in settings and once disabled one can swipe down to reveal quick-access buttons from the lock screen but not the notifications.

We covered browser in detail. But, two new cool features were amiss. So, you can go back and forward in the browser by swiping left or right from the current page. Also learn how to do “InPrivate browsing” which allows browsing without any session data getting saved.

Keyboard we also covered in some detail, but the video demo tells you about the swiping experience and how precisely emoticons and other icons are suggested by new Word Flow Keyboard.

Check all the tips in action,

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