CortanaHere is our third post in the series of Windows Phone 8.1 hands-on demos CUM settings tutorials. So, we will demo the changes and will also let you know how to enable the changes or get more our of the settings. We will also put all these posts and video on one page, so that anyone of you can make use of all the Windows Phone 8.1 coverage in one place!!

Cortana, Quiet hours & Inner Circle

  • Cortana has a Live Tile and can be access by tapping on this tile and then pressing the microphone button or by long pressing on Bing search button. The Live Tile itself flips and presents news or stuff based on your interest as saved by Cortana on her notebook.
  • It brings Universal search with itself. Can search both your phone and web.
  • Cortana can tune in music for you, take orders, save alarms and reminders and modify them as well, make calendar entries, write messages and call friends. It can use maps and Bing search to find nearby restaurants, places of interest.
  • Cortana is really smart and it can not only handle your orders smartly but also surprise you with some Jibes and offer smarter suggestions.
  • Cortana can work when power saving kicks in. This can be enabled in settings.
  • You can turn off Cortana and will stop receiving the reminders, alerts and ideas.
  • Cortana is tightly integrated to Bing Account and the profile data saved with Bing Account remains synced across devices. Even if one deletes the data on phone the cloud profile data remains intact.
  • Cortana’s language can be changed. Initially it supports only English US though.
  • Cortana can save some data on her personal notebook based on your usage and permission! This includes your interests, name, places, inner circles, your reminders, settings etc. You can select to clear or change the data on her notebook!
  • Cortana saves the things she learns about you in the cloud as well as on your local device.
  • Cortana will handle your calls and texts and will silence other notifications during those “Quiet hours”. You can turn it on or off or set it to turn on automatically.
  • Inner Circle is the circle of friends who can still reach you during “Quiet Hours”, and that can be changed in settings as well

Here is the video demo and settings tutorial for Messaging, Browser & Apps Store changes on my Lumia 525. You can try our tutorial or watch the video below for getting Cortana on your device even if you are not in US.