WP8.1 data senseThis is the fifth post in the series of our Windows Phone 8.1 hands-on demos + settings tutorials. So, we will demo the changes / new features of Windows Phone 8.1 and will also let you know how to enable the changes or get more out of the settings. We have put all these posts and video on one page, so that anyone of you can make use of all the Windows Phone 8.1 coverage in one place!!

Camera, Data Sense, WiFi sense, Calendar

  • Calendar has added not only weekly view but also yearly view. Now one can set different colors for all apps with calendars support. For example, one can set various colors for various Facebook events like B’days, invitations and more
  • WiFi sense allows one to connect to even those WiFi hotspots which require some additional info for connection to go through, as one can key in and save info in WiFi sense. One can share used secure WI-Fi Networks with contacts.
  • Camera app named as “Microsoft camera” has one new mode: Burst. It comes with customizable viewfinder. One can choose which buttons to see in the UI.
  • Data sense enables one to input Monthly data limit, billing cycle period etc and displays the overall data consumption further breaking into WiFi vs Mobile and to the much detailed app level consumption as well.
  • It can be set to restrict data consumption when the monthly limit reaches or even control data consumption during roaming

Here is the video demo and settings tutorial for Camera, Data Sense, WiFi sense, Calendar on my Lumia 525.