PushUps Trainer is a great fitness app in the Windows Phone Store.


PushUps Trainer delivers a simple Training Program for beginners who want to improve their fitness activity, helping you to get in an incredible body shape without much struggling with hard exercises.

You will have a program built for 9 weeks with a realistic amount of 3 tasks to be performed each week.

Forget about personal trainers, you have now the best way to reach the dreamed body shape just by using your smartphone.


During the workout, the users will have ensured audio couching and an automatic pushups counter included. Do you still think that pushups are the hard? Not anymore, as the app delivers an easy pushups workout guide.

The workout session will last 15-20 minutes, and if you’ll hit a great score, and your included couch will help you to reach it, it can be shared with your friends.1e6f80c4-e819-4336-a61d-8d4b0f3009aa

Your favorite songs can be played in the background while doing your workout sessions all the time. And if you want to see results, don’t try to trick your own Track Progress.

The PushUps Trainer can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store for only $1.99, but you can try it for free.

Give it a try right away and tells us how your workout progress goes!  Click HERE to give it a shot, and remember to always stretch.

Thanks to Qasim Irfan for sending in this article.