Microsoft has pushed updates to Outlook Mail & Calendar, Photos & Camera apps on Windows 10 Mobile. We have posted screenshots from older build and new app version side by side and it seems there are some UI changes that these new versions bring. Screenshot from older versions is on left and newer to the right.


Not much looks changed. Minor update to version 5.42.2005.0.

Camera updateOutlook Mail & Calendar:

  • Now you can filter mails from the new filter option on top
  • Icons at bottom have grown bigger and calendar icon is hidden and shows up when you tap on pivot.

Outlook update


  • New manual refresh option on the top bar
  • Redesigned settings page
  • Photos can be set as Background and Lockscreen wallpaper right from the photos app. It does not however allows you to manually crop the image, it just auto crops the image for you.

Photos update 1 photos update 2Go to the store on your devices and from menu go to downloads and check for updates.