wp_ss_20150514_0001We finally managed to install Windows 10 Mobile preview Build 10080 on our Lumia 925. The build brings the OS version 10.0 12562.84 with many official changes. Time to have a look at some of the screenshots that give a good idea into some of the important changes that the build brings, though stay tuned for our extensive hands-on coverage. First the installation experience.

Installation experience:

The update takes around 25-30 minutes in getting downloaded over a good connection. The update is around 500-800 MB in size. Installation and data migration takes another 20-25 minutes. It went quite smoothly for my device. You may need to go to Windows Insider app and reselect Insider Fast ring in case you have reset your devices for fixing any bug. In case you are new to Windows 10 for Phones preview you need to follow our tutorial for updating to Windows 10 for Phones.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10080 screenshots: wp_ss_20150514_0002-thumb wp_ss_20150514_0003 wp_ss_20150514_0004 wp_ss_20150514_0005 wp_ss_20150514_0006 wp_ss_20150514_0007 wp_ss_20150514_0008 wp_ss_20150514_0009 wp_ss_20150514_0010 wp_ss_20150514_0012 wp_ss_20150514_0013 wp_ss_20150514_0014 wp_ss_20150514_0015 wp_ss_20150514_0016 wp_ss_20150514_0017 wp_ss_20150514_0018-thumb wp_ss_20150514_0019 wp_ss_20150514_0020 wp_ss_20150514_0021 wp_ss_20150514_0023 wp_ss_20150514_0024 wp_ss_20150514_0025 wp_ss_20150514_0026 wp_ss_20150514_0027 wp_ss_20150514_0028