B748kdBIMAI2br7The first Consumer Windows 10 Build coming next week and first Windows 10 for Phones preview Build is due in February as reported by us earlier.

Free upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year for Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 7 devices. Huge!!

Cortana comes to all Windows 10 devices and has learned new 7 languages. Hey Cortana demo also going on.

Windows 10 for phones and tablets less than 8-inch:


Action center enhanced

Settings overhaul

Full Wallpaper

Skype integrated to messaging

Voice to text typing

win 10 phone Skype Brand new native and universal photos app

PhotosNew browser “Spartan” unveiled. Not coming with first Windows Insider build. Will come to phones even later.

SpartanCortana integration: Cortana comes to help you at right moments in Spartan

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