And here we have some official evidence to suggest that Microsoft Edge on windows 10 Mobile will get extension support. You may remember our report about some interesting upcoming Windows 10 Mobile features revealed via the windows 10 Roadmap shared by Microsoft. Now in the same roadmap it is clearly mentioned that Extension support is in development for Mobile too. Check the image below and you can see Extensions are coming to Laptop, Tablets and Mobile devices.

Mobile Edge extensions


Microsoft Edge got extensions support with Redstone on Windows 10 PC version. Now speculations are rife that extension supports may even arrive for Windows 10 Mobile Edge. A Reddit user has posted Mobile screenshot of the only extension “Pin it Button” available via Windows 10 store that shows it being available to install for Mobile too.

Though as per the user trying to install it results into error. It also seems he is running an Insider build not yet available for others. If you try to install this app on Build 14332, it doesn’t even appear in store even via the direct link.

Anyways of you go to about:flags in Mobile Edge browser you will see option of “Enable Extension Developer features”. This is quite interesting too and it means Microsoft may be planning to bring Mobile Edge extensions too but may be not in near future.