unispectralImage credit: Gizmag

It is proving quite difficult to guess what is Nokia planning to launch during July 28 VIP event. What we can guess however from the teaser image used by Nokia Technologies for the event is that it may be related to imaging & cameras. The teaser image features camera modules. One of our guesses was “Professional cameras” based on an earlier job listing that revealed Nokia’ plans to target professional camera users and resellers in the video production space.

Now as per one tip we received, Nokia has been working on “Hyperspectral imaging & Array cameras” tech development and their use in smartphones. Hyperspectral imaging lets you know all the chemical composition details about things you capture. Array cameras offer computational imaging features allowing to alter image depth and focus after the capture and also allows 3D high-quality image and video capture. This goes well with the job opening about professional cameras.

So, will Nokia launch something related or employing these two technologies on July 28. That needs to be seen, but we will keep you updated.