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Why Nokia is right in focusing on imaging as a differentiator? Camera Phone sales to hit 1.5 billion units in 2014.

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Have you ever thought that Nokia’s focus on imaging as a key differentiator may be too intense, then think again. According to a report from Strategy Analytics, it seems Camera phones sales may hit 1.5 billion units in 2014. Though nearly all the smartphones nowadays have cameras, but this definitely shows the Industry trend about phones with cameras getting more love from customers in future.

According to our Wireless Device Strategies (WDS) service, global camera phone sales will hit a record 1.5 billion units in 2014. Asia Pacific is by far the largest region, while CE Europe is the smallest. As camera phones become more popular, their usage by consumers is changing.

Nokia has the lead here with industry leading cameras on Lumia 1020, Lumia 92X and even on Lumia 720 as compared to the competition. Cameras on even other Lumias perform better than their immediate competition. So, may be Nokia already identified this trend and then decided to use imaging innovations as their one of the key differentiation.

One more trend which SA has identified and which Nokia needs to adopt quickly is the dual-sim smartphones. Nokia has already confirmed that dual-sim Lumias are coming and that will be really great for Lumia volume prospects as according to SA report,

Global dual-SIM smartphone sales will grow a solid 31% in 2014. Asia, China and India remain the largest markets for dual-SIM smartphones. Samsung, Lenovo and Android are among the main brands driving the growth in dual-SIM models. Dual-SIM dual-active (DSDA) smartphones have emerged and will play an increasing role in high-end categories.


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  • Kamal Arora

    Agree. Almost everybody looks for dual sim phones in India, because of unreliable service. I am sure, same is the case in other developing countries. Nokia is loosing business because of not having dual sim phones

    • Zalando.Oo

      As far as I can observe, Nokia S40, Asha and Full Touch Asha series (“semi-smartphones” if You like, if not “smartphones” ?) have several models with dual-SIM capability. With intelligent multi-SIM recognition and both-SIMs-monitored capability..

      Agreed Lumia series has so far lacked this feature, but it should be currently in Nokia’s processes for correction in Q3/Q4… looking forward to 4.7″ Lumia 62x Dual Sim ; ) ?

      • Kamal Mishra

        True even full smartphone Asha 501 has this feature. But again real impact will come when Nokia brings dual-sim phones in higher range which is Lumia’s price and screen size range…