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Where’s the yellow Lumia 1520? Preorders rock!

As the Lumia 1520 is not available in cyan, I guess my favorite color didn’t sell enough…., the most beautifull one from my point of view is the yellow 1520. But as there are some signs of low availability I checked some sites and found out it’s not available (anymore) !?
This item isn’t available for online purchase with in-store pickup, but it may still be available for purchase at the store.”
No yellow available
Out of stock…

@Nokia, please let those factories run as pre-orders on for example Expensys shows promisings signs for the Lumia 1520. See following links and click the Top pre-orders tab!

The easy markets for WP: #1 #2 #2, #4 and #5 (first select smartphones in the dropdown then the Tab)

The more difficult markets for WP: #2 #3 #1, #6 and #8….!! Not available yet, but in Hong Kong: #2 and #7

Have you seen or bought a yellow 1520 one please let us know!

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