PS: IDK if I managed to express it properly in the title. So excuse me if it sounded like something else. Don’t know how to say it better.

If you also are frustrated with the way WhatsApp notifications stack up in the Action Center, there’s some good news. The latest update to WhatsApp beta has introduced inline text for the notifications in the Action Center. So, instead of the message being shown next to the name, it will be shown below it. Just how it happens with the emails and texts and some other messaging apps.

wp_ss_20150113_0001While the full message still isn’t shown in the action center, this is still a welcome change over the previous implementation in which the message was completely unreadable as there is only a little space left, especially when the name of the sender is long or when it is a group with a long name. Below is a screenshot of the notifications from the current public version of WhatsApp and the one from the Beta version.

wp beta and current notificationsHopefully this will be added to the public version soon. Gotta wait.