Today WhatsApp has released another update for their beta app on Windows Phone. It seems to be that in this days company is doing hard work on their beta app to bring some new cool features and improvements to the users. Now with today’s update company has made some changes to the video sending functionality.

What’s new in latest version.
• Trim Video – Now whenever you select videos from library to send through WhatsApp, you will now notice that after selection video, app will show up the frame rate of video and also you can now crop the video within the app by using slider provided below.
• New icon shipping information and cancellation – Now when you send video, you will notice that the notation of sending videos is changed. There will be the X in centre with circle, which like in other platform. The circle will show the progress of sending videos. And if you tap on X, the sending process of video will be cancelled.
Check out following screenshots.

Its definitely a good support from WhatsApp, that they are doing great work for Windows version of WhatsApp. And also this video sending functionality is quite good now. I think mostly this features will be available to public version in some few days if feedback of beta testers is good.
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