Nokia has equipped Lumia 920 camera with amazing hardware in form of OIS with “floating lens technology”. Due to this it is choice of many who want to capture fast paced action with a smartphone. Nokia is also posting one after another awesome action videos with thrilling action. First one was “Lumia 920 extreme test “action video” by Red Bull parkour and freerunning champion, Ryan Doyle”. Now, Nokia has posted “Finnish Snowboarding championship” action featuring Roope Tonteri, one of the best snowboarders of his generation. Read more and watch the video below or click here.

Roope is one of the best snowboarders of his generation and a keen filmmaker. Nokia is now helping him prepare for the 2014 Winter Olympics and in this video Roope takes a part to Finnish Snowboarding Championships.

Snowboarding Finnish Championships at Ruka, Finland. Four disciplines: SBX, PGS, Slope and Pipe.