did a blind test of 808 PureView with many SLRs and asked readers for votes to identify “mystery rogue camera” in the above picture.

Yesterday we published a selection of test photos and asked if you could spot the odd one out. Be honest now—how many of you guessed that the rogue camera was none other than the Nokia 808 PureView, a smartphone that we just couldn’t help but compare with expert-level SLRs.

Readers responded with most no. of votes for 808 PureView.

The most common guesses our readers sent in identified the mystery camera as the Nokia 808 PureView, the Nikon D3200 (a new 24-Megapixel entry-level SLR) or the Sony RX100 (a new expert compact with large-format sensor). The phone logically got the most votes, and rightly so—we wouldn’t have been nearly half as surprised if the mystery camera had been an SLR or an expert compact!  

808 PureView made the digitalversus team to conclude finally that it is more precise than best compact cameras on the market.

So how did this function shape up? Well, compared with two of the best compacts on the market right now—the Sony HX20V and the Canon SX260—noise is more heavily present at 400 ISO but finer detail is much more visible, even at 1600 ISO. That’s right—the 8-Megapixel shot from the Nokia 808 is more precise than an 18-Megapixel shot from Sony’s HX20V!  

 They also conclude that it can be compared with even full-frame SLRs in some circumstances.

All in all, the Nokia 808 PureView is an interesting and original camera, which, in some circumstances, can rival cameras as advanced as certain full-frame (24 x 36 mm) SLRs, while also offering users several extra possibilities. For example, at a time when connectivity is king, it’s much easier to publish photos online with this Nokia cameraphone than with the average camera—even most Wi-Fi-enabled models.

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