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In weekend roundup, we are bringing to you some highlights from our coverage. We covered some interesting topics over the weekend and won’t like you to miss them.

Future Lumias and Lumia 1020 successor:

Microsoft’s Lumia strategy may see cutting-edge hardware, top-end specs! Lumia 1020 successor with all latest hardware in works for Q2 2014.

Q4 Windows Phone sales Prediction:

In Q4, 11.8 million WP devices & 10.6 million Lumias may have been sold (On the basis of Adduplex stats)!!

Lumia 1520 vs iPhone 5S camera and browser performance comparison:

Lumia 1520 shines against iPhone 5S in browser performance comparison. Camera shootout between Lumia 1520 vs iPhone 5S with Canon 6D as reference.

Nokia vs Indian IT department:

IT department says Nokia’s guarantee serves no purpose. Asks court for directions.

Apps & Deals highlight:

We covered some interesting apps and offers. Check them out.

Fandango   SpiceJet     Mehdoh & Seasons  

6tindr & 6snap       Uber

Best Lumia deals from India


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