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BMW planning to buy 57,000 Lumias to replace its existing Symbian corporate smartphones

BMW is planning to buy 57,000 Lumia devices for its employees starting next year. Currently its workforce uses Symbian smartphones. Majority of these new handsets will be Lumia 630, while the executives are supposed...

Elop’s email: Windows Phone focus, Additional low-cost Lumias with future Nokia X products design

Stephen Elop has also sent a mail to employees of Microsoft devices group, after Satya Nadella's email brought news about 12,500 job cuts affecting ex-Nokia employees. In his email Elop has reiterated focus on...

Weekend Roundup: Future Lumias, Q4 prediction, Lumia 1520 vs iPhone 5S & more.

  In weekend roundup, we are bringing to you some highlights from our coverage. We covered some interesting topics over the weekend and won't like you to miss them. Future Lumias and Lumia 1020 successor: Microsoft’s Lumia strategy...
Jolla device

Jolla outsells iPhones at DNA. Lumias take many top-sellers ranks across Finnish retailers.

Major Finnish retailers have revealed the list of their best-selling devices for the month of December. Good news for Jolla and Nokia fans!! Jolla takes 5th top seller rank at DNA, the only retailer...


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