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Elop’s email: Windows Phone focus, Additional low-cost Lumias with future Nokia X products design

elop-1Stephen Elop has also sent a mail to employees of Microsoft devices group, after Satya Nadella’s email brought news about 12,500 job cuts affecting ex-Nokia employees. In his email Elop has reiterated focus on expanding or rather making market for Windows Phone. For this Microsoft is planning to kill some future Nokia X family products and bringing them as additional low-cost Lumias for targeting the more affordable smartphone segments.

We will be particularly focused on making the market for Windows Phone. In the near term, we plan to drive Windows Phone volume by targeting the more affordable smartphone segments, which are the fastest growing segments of the market, with Lumia. In addition to the portfolio already planned, we plan to deliver additional lower-cost Lumia devices by shifting select future Nokia X designs and products to Windows Phone devices. We expect to make this shift immediately while continuing to sell and support existing Nokia X products.

To win in the higher price segments, we will focus on delivering great breakthrough products in alignment with major milestones ahead from both the Windows team and the Applications and Services Group. We will ensure that the very best experiences and scenarios from across the company will be showcased on our products. We plan to take advantage of innovation from the Windows team, like Universal Windows Apps, to continue to enrich the Windows application ecosystem. And in the very lowest price ranges, we plan to run our first phones business for maximum efficiency with a smaller team.

This actually makes sense, considering Windows Phone is already being licensed for free to OEMs, so using Android for lowest-end devices hardly makes sense now. So, we can expect Lumia devices to touch much lower price points in future., and perhaps that is an end to higher-end Lumia with Android rumors.


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  • sda

    We’ll see.

    Android is worse than Windows and IOS, by far.
    Not an option for me.

  • assd

    Yup ! Elop has a lack of talent for e-mail.

    He definitely should stop writing them.

    This is the “I kick your asses because we don’t need half of you” memo.
    I think it is not worse than the “burning platform” memo.

    I’m not sure whether I’ll buy a future Lumia. Maybe I’ll switch to IOS. Will the quality of the phones be the same as under Nokia ? Or will it be sammy plastic sht ?

    Elop is about to destroy what was left of Nokia Devices.

    • JLIT99

      If you want to keep the Nokia flavour, your best bet is an Android phone (e.g. Moto G).

      (The real) Nokia’s releasing apps and, if the tips to NPU are true, Android-compatible hardware, such as cameras.

  • JLIT99

    This is the Nokia N9 all over again 😉

    The job cuts are the end of Nokia D&S in my opinion, and the beginning of Microsoft Mobile.

    In the short space of time that it existed, the Nokia X was way more successful than the Lumia range has been. So whilst it made sense to assuage the concerns of Microsoft’s Windows Phone development team, overall device sales will suffer as a result.

    OEMs may be making low cost WP devices, but the truth is, apps are far less intuitive and feature rich on Windows Phone. After so long on my L520, Instagram is still a mess, WhatsApp spits errors all the time and doesn’t have any video sharing options.. (Not to mention Snapchat, which still doesn’t exist officially).

    Microsoft better accelerate their work on bringing Android apps to WP, because otherwise, this is going to be a serious (death) blow (à la Kin).

    • Not just the N9. Similar story happened when Asha 3xx Full Touch was launched. They quickly replaced it with Asha 5xx which was again replaced with Nokia X (as there hasn’t been a Asha 5xx device announced since the 503). They seem to be having a hard time determining the market trend and following it.

      The nearly dead Motorola is making more market push and sales than the still strong Nokia. Just because they finally managed to determine what the consumers want and built devices specifically suiting their needs and budget.

      Windows Phone has come so far, but yeah I agree with you. Those issues have never solved and I guess they never will be solved. The regular App Crashes, lack of functional apps, lack of sharing options, broken push notifications and the lack of customization is killing it. No wonder why my 1.5 months old Moto E got sold for just Rs. 500 less (higher than the 1000 less price that I advertised it for), whereas my Lumia 525 failed to attract any buyers even when I tried to sell it for less than half its price.

      I am already done with Microsoft and the Lumia 525 should be the last one of my stupid decision of buying devices just because of that Nokia branding. I’ll better go with a Xiaomi Mi3 as Microsoft doesn’t have anything new to announce besides probably a 2K display and a faster processor. They are forgetting that it’s Windows that needs features rather than the high speed SOCs that they are betting on.

      And BTW, Android apps will never be running on WP. That will make the situation worse. When the standalone native apps don’t run well, do you think apps launched under a custom android environment running inside windows will run properly? They will face the same issues as the Nokia X does. Difference in APIs and hence majority of Apps using Google Services API will always be broken. I’d never want to try that messed up phone. Why not buy an Android phone instead and just use a WP launcher? :p

      • JLIT99

        I completely agree with you

        Regarding Android apps on WP, I wouldn’t believe it, but The Verge’s Tom Warren seems to have an inside source telling him that it is under development. If released, it will face the same issues as the Nokia X undoubtedly, but someone in MS is pushing this..

        • And @evleaks said something like a Lumia with Android. Maybe there are a lot of ideas rotating inside the house and they finally finalized the idea of only focusing on WP.

          Windows Phone cannot have Android apps because Google’s OHA does not allow Android partners to sell any devices with incompatible versions of Android. So any device which runs Android Apps clearly violates this.

          If MS is going to be the sole seller of WP devices, then that’s okay. Otherwise, there is no chance that Xolo, Samsung, HTC or any other will be able to stay as a WP OEM. If MS ever wanted to be the sole seller it would never make WP free and try to attract other OEMs.

          • JLIT99

            The key question here is, does making another OS Android compatible make it a “version” of Android according to Google?

            • Yes it does. Anything that runs Android apps (most of which are pirated from Play Store) is an unsupported version of Android and OEMs in OHA cannot choose any such OS. Or their OHA membership is cancelled.