Nokia, What about Symbian ?

So, when are we going to see the Xpress Browser coming to Symbian Belle devices, where it was a must ? Taking into account the numerous complaints about native Symbian Browser in past, why Nokia didn’t bring it to Symbian. It beats common-sense that if Nokia wants to milk Symbian platform, and yet they have constantly ignored something where it was a laggard. This cloud based browser could have been there one year back.

Though with Belle FP2 the browser has now vastly improved and there is hardly need of any third-party browser, but still this will be a welcome step to show Symbian users that Nokia does care about them. Otherwise who will trust the “Symbian Support through 2016” promise in wake of reduced application support by killing City Lens, Wellness Diary and Nokia Drop and not bringing any exclusive apps and games available for Asha and Lumia phones to Symbian.

If Nokia doesn’t want to support Symbian fully , they must make it clear by announcing, otherwise they will burn their fingers again. How, can any one recommend any Symbian device to a customer if there is reduced support from Nokia itself.

Nokia has released Xpress browser Beta for Lumia devices after shipping it with full-touch Asha phones. It uses cloud-based internet platform for compressing the data up to 90% thereby saving on data usage and rendering webpages faster as well. They have also introduced it through a demo video and also described its features in detail.

Catch the demo video and details/download link below.


Follow the link for reading more and downloading the app.