Actually for us the third hint was more than enough to confirm this, but seems Nokia US couldn’t resist their excitement. Check the screenshot above. Yes, “PureView, Like” and “808 reasons to be excited about Monday” blows away whatever doubt was left there. So be ready to welcome 808 PureView to US on Monday then!!


Now this brings us to a bigger question. After all big talks of Symbian being phased out and not to come ever again in US market what prompts Nokia to do a vault face and bring 808 to US market. On analysing the current situation of Nokia with all bad news of “Profit warning”, “10000 job cuts,” “executive change”,”credit downgrade” it seems that current management could not foresee,

  • The impact that their decision of putting a “shelf life to Symbian their major OS would have”. Actually this is one of the biggest management blunders which will come time and again haunting Nokia. It impacted sales from the word go and even any amount of statements like” we will support Symbian till 2016” can undo the harm.
  • Windows phone would not be able to pick up so fast as to make up for the huge  losses done by “Symbian shelf life blunder”.

So it is obvious that “Symbian has been entrusted to be the saviour again” at least in short-term and which device can serve the purpose better than the N8 successor. But isn’t this time to undo some blunders. To be specific, for Nokia time is running out we just hope management listens and sees the writing on the wall.

  • High time to undo the “Shelf Life Blunder” and announce that Symbian will live without any time limit as Nokia’s secondary if not primary platform and better as the “platform for innovation” . Trust us, it still will have impact over Symbian’s salability and desirability.
  • Some good Symbian devices with better resolution, trusted N9’s unibody design and N8 like camera can still pull crowd back to Nokia. Reason behind this is obvious. Windows Phone OS still can’t outdo Android in wide functionality. Symbian can not only match but outdo Android at many points Viz:  Imaging, Audio etc.
  • One major reason behind Symbian sales going downhill in last quarters is the lack of any fresh Symbian device release after a long time of release of 603,700 and 701. So product introduction cycle needs to be faster for Symbian as well, if Nokia has to pass through these testing times.

These are few of our thoughts. Hope it reaches to the ones concerned!!