Walmart has become the first major retailer that has now started selling Nokia 6.1 aka Nokia 6 2018 US variant TA-1045 at its online retail site. Prior to this a 3rd party retailer “Breed” started selling Nokia 6.1 TA-1045 on Amazon without any official announcement. Though later one of our readers confirmed that this is the real Nokia 6 2018 US variant.

Now, with Walmart opening sales of Nokia 6.1 aka Nokia 6 2018 in the US, buyers can buy the device without any apprehension about it. Walmart is selling Nokia 6.1 for the price of $276.

Walmart buy link

But now since we know this is the real deal and Nokia 6.1 TA-1045 is the US variant here is the best price deal for you. Breed, the retailer is selling the phone for just $249 on eBay.

eBay link

So, the choice is yours. A major retailer selling it at a bit higher price vs a relatively less-known retailer selling it at a decent price of $249.

We shared our early review of Nokia 6 2018 with you. We also posted our unboxing and first impressions video of Nokia 6 2018 aka Nokia 6.1 and compared it to the Nokia 6 2017 in terms of size, design and build quality.

Nokia 6 2018 Details:

Nokia 6 2018 is powered by Snapdragon 630 processor and comes with many design changes and powerful camera features like OZO Audio and Bothie. You can read the detailed specs, images and more of Nokia 6 2018 at our dedicated page.