Voddler’s new Lumia-app will first be launched in Voddler’s current markets – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland – and also in Spain during April 2012. Voddler now has a catalogue for more than 5,000 movies and agreements with all the major Hollywood giants.

More about the Voddler application from Nokia conversations article,

Nokia’s new partnership with video-on-demand service Voddler is based on the idea that even if we watch movies on our own, most of us want to talk to our friends about what we’ve seen – especially if it’s Brad Pitt (or possibly Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie or Anne Hathaway.) Soon a ‘Voddler Lumia’ streaming app will do just that – bringing new technology to old fashioned ‘movie nights’ so that you can share your favourite films and movie moments with anyone, on any platform.