Lumia update

In what seems to be a bit surprising and a step that may tell us about Microsoft’s plans to upgrade existing Windows Phone 8.1 devices to Windows 10 Mobile, Vodafone Australia has removed Lumia 630 from the update program. So, Lumia 530’s fate was already doubtful and Lumia 630 may have joined it in not being eligible for Windows 10 Mobile update. But let us wait for Microsoft’s official word about it.

But good news is that Vodafone Australia has already received the software and testing is in progress. If you remember Vodafone Australia has mentione mid-January as the expected date of Software submission and seems Microsoft has followed the timelines well.

We have confirmations from T-Mobile in Germany and Poland about the roll-out of Windows 10 Mobile update. T-Mobile Poland began it yesterday with updating Lumia 640, while T-Mobile Germany has claimed roll-out within 2 weeks, last week. Swisscomm has also given a date of January 19 for roll-out to its devices. So, seems it has started happening and we will keep you updated as we come to know more.

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Thanks Nathan for the tip. Cheers!!