VLC has today announced its Windows 10 UWP app and has also shared features and timelines. Here, bad news is that it may only support Redstone with devices running even TH2 siting out.

Windows 10 Mobile

Redstone only, TH2 will probably not be supported. This is because of technical limitations around Background audio APIs, and bad drivers on the phones not receiving the RS1 bits.

Public Beta

Next week ! And this week for VIPs (¬‿¬)

Official release

Early may

VLC ArtistSelectedLightSnap


To be completely honest – the first upcoming versions won’t have many more features than the current version of VLC for Windows Store. All those features will be present in the May/June timeframe. We’ll add new features on a weekly basis.

Deprecated features

  • Artist’s upcoming shows, because LastFM messed up its APIs. Patches are welcome if you want to bring it back from another provider

Added features

User Interface

  • Updated UI to match the Windows 10 style
  • Choose your own accent color : VLC color or Windows chosen accent-color
  • Dark or light theme following your Windows (on Anniversary update) global settings
  • Windows 10 live tiles and notifications
  • Drag and drop a file in the app
  • Continuum support.
    • Basic Continuum scenarios : docking
    • Hybrid scenarios : control VLC running on your XBOX from your W10 mobile phone.
  • Cortana (experimental)
    • Search in the library
    • Control the playback
    • Playlist creation

Video Library UI

  • Movie covers from the Internet

Video Player UI

  • Reworked video player – easier access to VLC options, such as resizing, spu/audio delay, subtitles and audio tracks selection
  • Picture in Picture mode – browse your collection and the video plays on the bottom-right corner
  • Chromecast support

Video Player features

  • Automatic subtitles download from the Internet
  • We are trying to convince the right people at Microsoft to whitelist the DVD-related APIs. It’s technically possible!

Audio/Video Player features

  • Equalizer

Network UI

  • Manage your streams : favorites, delete, etc

Network features

  • Automatic discovery
  • Browsing


  • French
  • English

More languages to be added throughout the year.

Coming to Windows Phone 8.1, it seems the last update will arrive in May and then VLC team will drop support.

Windows 8.1 – Windows Phone 8.1 – Windows RT

We’ll release the last update in May, then we’ll drop the support.