Popular media player VLC from VideoLan picks up an major update for Windows Phone. According to developers of VLC this last major update for Windows Phone 8.1 user, as they will focus 100 % on Windows 10 Mobile.

This new update is currently available on Windows Phone and later on Windows.

What’s new in Version 1.8:

  • Several buttons and texts are now bigger, easier to read on phones (see pictures below)
  • Pivot headers look like Pivot headers (seriously, that’s important for WP users, so I changed the behavior)
  • Slideshow updated with blur animations
  • Added Video Player zoom options : Best Fit (the current zoom), Vertical Zoom (new), Horizontal Zoom (new)
  • Update Video Player with some nice animations (tell us what you think of them!), and the controls disappear after 3 seconds
  • Some settings are now synced between your devices, such as the colors (between Windows phones and Windows phones, and between Windows and Windows, not Windows phone between Windows for now unfortunately)
  • Windows 10 Mobile handsets now use the W10 API to get the songs in the Music library, which is what we used since W8.1, and is way faster than the WP8.1 API.

Fixed many bugs reported by our users, here are some of them

  • Fixed duplicate CurrentTrack in the Playlist (caused to have two highlighted tracks)
  • Fixed crash at launch when another app was sending a Stream that was considered by WinRT as a StorageFile
  • A change in the LastFM API made VLC to download the low-res version of your artist pictures. Fixed !
  • Slideshow is paused when the app is in the background
  • Crashes at first launch when indexing and getting video thumbnails
  • Minor UI fixes, such as margins and colors fixes

As stated above, Videolan team will now focus on Windows 10 Mobile by 100 %, However this is good move from VLC as Windows 10 Mobile launch is near.