VLC W10VLC app for Windows Phone has received one more update and in a good news comes with a changelog to show-off. The VLC v1.3.2 brings some UI changes especially in search pages. The CPU consumption is reduced significantly with the latest update. There are many fixes too. Have a look at the full changelog below.

VLC changelog:

– Add back button in Search Pages
– Fix responsive design and UX issues in Search Pages
– Lumia 1020/920/925 get Responsive Design fix for issue « Music Player isn’t showing all controls in landscape mode »
– InterProcess communication between the VLC process and the Background Audio Task was using to much CPU to get Position, Time, MediaPlayerState… Now using a cache for those values, CPU consumption went from up to 40% to less than 10%. Great news.
– Fixed FileNotFoundException when Sharing the now playing album if it has no cover.
– If a media fails to read, sometimes the app crashed when it wants to display the « can’t read media » dialog. It should be fixed.
– A dozen of tiny bugs/crashes are also fixed.

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