VLC WPUpdate:

It seems the VLC Beta has a nasty bug, which mutes the audio and while you can play music and videos, you won’t hear anything. Do let us know, if you are facing similar issue.

The wait has finally ended and VLC Beta is now available for those who could register for its Beta and we are lucky to be one of them. The app can’t be downloaded, if you are not of the Beta testers, so no luck trying that. In case you could register, you will get the VLC for Beta link in your inbox.

We just installed and the in our brief hands-on the app opens really fast and it indexes your music and videos quickly. Take a look at the sneak peek video posted earlier by Thomas Nigro, one of the devs of the VLC Beta app.

VLC Beta in action video:

Install link

Thanks Hisham for the tip. Cheers!!