VLC 1.0.2


The VLC Beta update 1.0.3 is already here and while the app looks smoother, “the background audio can’t be enabled” message again takes it one step back.


VLC Public Beta has received an update and the updated version is 1.0.2. The most noticeable change is that now it appears as “VLC Beta” in app list. There is change in the splash screen too and now you can see old “VLC” icon in the place of new one that we saw earlier. This version supports Background audio but playing HD videos still is a big issue.

We are not sure what else it brings, but may be some bug fixes as there are many to be fixed yet. VLC dev has confirmed that update 1.0.3 is going to be out soon too with lots of bug fixes.

It also seems that the VLC private Beta is  no longer supported and since it is crashing severely now, it is better to uninstall private Beta. 


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