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Video : Install Android Apps on Windows 10 Mobile Lumia (Guest Post)

Video :  Install Android Apps on Windows 10 Mobile Lumia – YouTube

 Install Android Apps on Your Lumia with these Two tools + Apk.

Download  :  ( wconnect.exe – tool files ) 1st tool

Screenshot (118)

2.)   Download :  PLATFORM-TOOL   ( second tool ) 

Screenshot (119)

1. ) Windows 10 mobile go to update & security : enable “Developer Mode” and “Discover Devices” on + pair code

2.) With first tool – ( install IpOverUsbInstaller.msi and vcredist_x86.exe )

and then shift + right click on same folder ( Tools-android ) to open cmd there

Screenshot (120)

and put a line = “ wconnect.exe usb

if you get error code (  9 or 13 ) – wait for 5 hours or hard reset your phone to follow again


If you succeed with above cmd line  – then it might ask pair code and put your phone code in cmd

3.) with second tool ( put it into C: drive and program file (x86 ) then create a folder ANDROID then create folder in ANDROID ( android-sdk ) and put platforrm tool in it

and in platform tool, ( shift + right click ) choose open cmd here

Screenshot (121)
then put cmd line – adb devices, and it will show device emulator  connected


Like this.

in your cmd it will show  (  C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tool>adb devices

then download apk ( Apk Download )

and rename apk long name to facebook.apk , twitter.apk and put it into above

( C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tool  ) folder

then in cmd opened in this folder put cmd line – adb install facebook.apk  

then it will install in your lumia.


Here is the list of supported devices:

  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Nokia Lumia 925
  • Nokia Lumia 929 (icon)
  • Nokia Lumia 830
  • Nokia Lumia 930
  • Nokia Lumia 1520
  • Nokia Lumia 635 (1GB RAM variant)
  • Nokia Lumia 730
  • Nokia Lumia 820
  • Nokia Lumia 435
  • Nokia Lumia 928

Guest Post:

It is a guest post and while informative its quality may or may not be up to NPU’s normal quality standard.

Microsoft geek and YouTube - Video Producer ! Twitter : @aakash006sharma ! Love Nokia and Microsoft since childhood. * Being Human - love humanity *
  • saleh

    Error code 8 Lumia 435

  • Parth Sutaria

    Does it necessary to have android SDK installed on your computer?

  • Anandu N

    error 8

  • Anandu N

    can u help me
    My phone Lumia 640 DS
    error code -8

  • raj

    how we can install apk in lumia 535

  • Waleed Khan Alkemo

    i have lumia 1020 build 10.0.10586.107
    when i tried your steps it says at connecting
    creating session…
    error bootstrapping the device.error code 8

    how too solve this

    • Kamal

      Build 10586.107 doesn’t support it.

  • Giorgi

    Regarding error 9 during usb connect. Mine was because phone was locked on code. After unlock – everything was working!

  • Rizky Himawan Pramaditha

    I have problem with error code 9. After 5 hours it still same. Any Solution for this?

  • Erfan Shaikh

    Getting error while pairing device “Server error. Error code = 1”

    • Sheikh Al-Vali

      i have same problem and help me error code 6 please 🙁

  • *Facepalm*
    Why don’t people use Android phones if they want ‘Android apps’ in windows phone?!!?!?!
    All i want was Windows version of Android apps. Not the direct Android apps.
    This is pathetic.

    • What you want ain’t something devs wanted to give you. So MS gave you the available version of what you want 😛

      • MS is gonna give an option TO DEVELOPERS where they can convert their Android/iOS apps to Windows apps. They haven’t told anything about USERS loading apk files directly to your device yet. It is the same stupid people who search android app names in windows phone store (instead of the windows phone version names) and claim that Windows phone doesn’t have apps!!
        If Devs are not ready to create a WP app, i don’t have any problem. I was well aware of pros and cons of windows phone when i chose it. 🙂

        • Cool down man. Users want the counterparts of Android apps. So if they like playing Clash of Clans they will search for Clash of Clans only. It only differs for some utility apps which are different to every platform.

          And what do you want to extract out of MS providing an option to developers? Whether they submit the app themselves or you sideload, its gonna be the same. Because MS ducked up its metro design guidelines and because Android apps can run, no developer will be interested to code native. Hence, if you’re going to get an app, it will largely be the same as on Android minus some APIs which will not be available. Don’t expect overhauls.

          Lastly, whether you have a problem or not, users do have a problem for missing apps and that’s what goes behind MS getting on its knees to take the Android apps in.

          • I’m perfectly cool..! 😀
            See, even i miss few apps like a proper gmail app or google drive app.
            Since i’m not too much into mobile gaming, i don’t really care about those. But i believe game apps might be the only apps which will look same in Android and Windows. You sideload it or download the developer’s WP version(like CandyCrush saga), it will be the same. But i really doubt if we sideload an android app, it is going to follow any windows UI design guidelines.

            If users has a problem of not having a particular android app, don’t you think they should better buy an android device instead of buying one windows phone and later regretting about it?

            • Because MS advertises a product, users buy it. MS doesn’t advertise that it does not have any apps and games.

              The design guidelines are done with already because metro wasted so much screen estate for nothing. The hamburger menus, swipe menus are all coming from Android. I wonder where’s WP’s design guideline still left?

              • I agree with you partially here.

                I wish MS do something to keep the native design language of windows phone instead of taking everything from Android.

    • Kamal

      Chill bud!!. It is more like an enthusiast thing. Do you really imagine normal users (the vast majority) doing command prompt and APK porting with so many issues.

      • Again, I’m completely chilled. I just felt this is like windows phone surrendering to android even though i have nothing against android. I might even jump to Android once Nokia is back.
        But this is like what happened to blackberry. Almost every internet article talks about windows phone’s ‘failure’. This will be one nail which we provide to them ourselves for the WP coffin. That’s all i wanted to say.
        Also, yes common users are not going to use command prompt, but also don’t forget that most of the young people are willing to learn this. I didn’t know anything about sourcefiles(APK, ‘Jad, .Jar files) till i side-loaded whatsapp in my old Nokia Asha 200 (before i got my Lumia). I was forced to do that because it was becoming popular. I did some internet search and found out. I think there will be obviously some people who will do that. That’s all i want to say 🙂

        • “didn’t know anything about APKs till i side-loaded whatsapp in my old Nokia Asha 200”
          but Asha phones use Java (jar + jad). Where did APK come in the picture?

          Also, I believe it is just the beginning. WP will allow something like downloading the APK to the phone, open it and the package installer pops up. Just as it happens in Android. Or else the Android dev community will make that happen 😉

          • “but Asha phones use Java (jar + jad). Where did APK come in the picture?”
            See i told ya, i don’t know anything about APK! Yes you are right. They were .Jar and .Jad files. My bad there. 😀 Just corrected it.

            “WP will allow something like downloading the APK to the phone, open it
            and the package installer pops up. Just as it happens in Android.”
            Don’t know about it. I hope windows phone will have the same level of security even after this.

    • Samuel Jesuthas

      the developers wont release that kind of crap


    @aakash you may be a big fan of nokia just like me and now following microsoft, indeed you doing a good job by raising up the bugs direct to developers and to the microsoft devs.
    i have seen you saying many times using the word “lazy developers” and what you are doing?
    giving one word feedback and comments everywhere as “okay” if you not ready to put up your words for the feedback you shouldnt ask more from windows devs!!
    thats why i personnel msg you in twitter but as if you are like a celebrity blocked me up there..
    so i had to scold you today on some other post! i can pull your mom and father here but lets not, i wanted to share few things with you so you will take it to the devs as i dont have time for my work itself.


    one doesnt need to create a folder in c: programfiles and all.. from any location the path can be copied and pasted

    • SAGAR

      and apks doesnt need to be renamed, press on the app and press f2 and copy the file name along with .apk and paste in cmd prompt

      • I agree. The explanation is so complexed out for something too simple. Need to do nothing. Just drag and drop the APK into CMD and it will be picked up, no matter the location, no matter the name. So, “ADB install . Hit enter”.

        • Kamal

          Edit it :P.

        • yes , location doesn’t matter but this will save them from error 9 , 13

        • yes but it will help for future use to know easily + while cracking into gmaps . as no need to copy and then paste into cmd

          rename make easier to install apps

          just stay on cmd and you remember names

          just type facebook.apk


          instead of that long name to copy again and put in cmd by