Game troopers one of the most strategic game Imperia Online: The Great People today scored a major update in Windows store.

Imperia Online: The Great People

Join thousands of players in an universe that never sleeps! Take control of your state and expand it into a mighty empire! Recruit soldiers and command huge armies into epic battles and crush all those who oppose you! Create your own royal dynasty and use it to govern your provinces and to lead your troops into battle! Make friends, join alliances and become the Lord of the entire medieval realm now! Imperia Online is а massively multiplayer online game (ММО), set in the times before gunpowder was invented.

What’s new in latest update
• New, more intuitive Global Map buttons.
• Animated Missions Flags on the Global Map.
• Ability to send Court Member away.
• Barbarian Camps Generals now have their own avatars.
• Complete and comprehensive Tech Tree.
• Redrawn buildings.
• civil ones are now clearly differentiated from the military ones

***User requested***
• Earliest Mission Complete Timers.
• Built-in Global Game Calendar

***Only for mobile version***
• Extremely optimized application size now only 70MB

The latest update takes the game version to If you want to enjoy the action and adventure, then you should add this game to your game collection. Make sure that you hit following link to download this game.

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