Microsoft has left most of the older Lumia device owners in cold by not updating them officially to Windows 10 Mobile and thereby not allowing Insiders with older devices to even continue in Fast Ring of Insiders Program that brings Redstone builds. There was / is a hack however that allowed older devices to install Redstone builds on older unsupported Lumias. But Microsoft now seems has started plugging that hole too. With Build 14322, many of these devices are going into boot-loop after upgrading and many are not able to even upgrade.

As per the ongoing discussion in XDA Forums, it seems 512 MB RAM devices are badly affected and resulting in boot-loops. It also seems the devices with Snapdragon S4 processors are missing the update packages targeting the SOC in question. But then some users are reporting success in installing Build 14322 on their quad-core devices like Lumia 1320. Perhaps, it needs to observed for one or two more builds whether it was intentional on Microsoft’s part to plug this or only Build 14322 being buggy has this issue.