We already know about iLost Maps of iPhone 5 / iOS 6 and later lots of new iPhone 5 came out of the boxes with dents, scuff and scratches.

Do you know, how Apple cares for its customers? When someone reported the issues faced with iDevice, just check the above reply from VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller. 9to5Mac has verified the authenticity of the email and just look at the reckless and poor response. Phil Schiller says,

Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.

Wow !! Apple. I have been using Nokia N8 for last 2 years and the quality of its aluminium speaks for itself.

Update: And to prove that N8’s aluminium unibody is of amazing Nokia quality, not seen in iPhone 5, here is a N8 scratch test video.


Cheers Meteoro for the Tip!!

I for one can’t expect a company to treat me like this, after gobbling up my hard-earned money for their inferior quality product. Just have a feeling that tendency of Apple fans to accept anything in the name of Apple product has reached to the heads of the management, thus this kind of treatment.

And, that’s precisely the reason, we love Nokia. Great quality products, great support and care :).

Now, there are reports about the latest problem to come to light, which affects the phone’s on-screen keyboard, displaying some odd video corruption when in use. The problem manifests itself as a series of horizontal lines, flashing with varying levels of brightness in an effect that’s reminding some of analog display static.

So much, for Apple’s magical quality !!

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